Easy Packing Tips While moving automobile across country


Are you planning to move across the country and want to move your car along with you? If yes, remember that moving automobiles needs special care, especially when it comes to packing. Following are some packing tips that you should consider while you plan on moving automobiles:
• Decide whether you want to opt for open or closed services to move your vehicle as that would help you to decide on what packing materials you would need.
• Remove all your personal belongings before moving automobile. They will not be covered by your mover’s insurance. However, you can leave car jacks, spare tires, and other standard items in the vehicle’s trunk as they won’t pose any problem for the mover. You should make sure that anything that’s left in the car is tied down firmly.
• You should disable or shut off your vehicle’s alarm before you pack it for the move. If you forget to do o and the alarm goes off during the transport, the transport company may find it difficult to turn it off.
• Before you pack your vehicle, wash it thoroughly so that cosmetic damage, if any, caused during the transport can be noted accurately.
• Though removing any loose part from the vehicle is advisable, in case you decide to keep parts or specialty items like spoilers, ground effects, or fog lights in it, make sure to secure them properly.
• If your vehicle has wide mirrors, remember to fold them back. You should also remove, lower, or retract the antennae in case it’s possible to do so.
• It’s advisable to keep less than a quarter of the gas tank filled. Since it will decrease the weight of the vehicle, moving it would be easier for the transporters. In case you are using a moving van to ship your cars and motorcycles, make them completely drained of fuel. Motorcycle owners should also disconnect the motorcycle batteries.
• Moving automobiles in winter needs the presence of an adequate amount of antifreeze so that severe winter temperatures don’t harm your vehicle. So, make sure to pack your vehicle accordingly.
• In case your vehicle has any leaks, make sure to tell the transporter so that your vehicle is positioned properly. Remember that a two deck open trailer should never have vehicles leaking oil and especially transmission or brake fluid on the top, so that leaks onto the paint of vehicles below can be prevented.
• While moving automobiles, take special care of convertibles, which should be shipped with their top being secured properly. To avert moisture damage, seal any open seams or holes in the top, if any. In case the top of the convertible can’t be raised, it’s wise to consider closed container shipping.
So, keep all these packing tips in mind for moving automobiles in a hassle-free manner.

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