Key Questions to Ask Motor Vehicle Shipping Company


If you know the right questions to ask your vehicle shipping company, getting the best vehicle shipping services would be a cakewalk. However, if you don’t have a fair idea of what makes the services of a vehicle shipping company good or bad, here are some key questions that you can ask to find out the answer:
• Are you a carrier or a broker?
The vehicle shipping industry has two facets namely the carriers and the brokers. The brokers don’t own trucks, and act as mere intermediaries between the carrier and the customer. So, by asking your vehicle shipping company this question, you can judge how honest it is. You can even check their MC or USDOT numbers to verify what they claim. Remember that while brokers will have an MC number, a carrier will have USDOT numbers.
• What would be the pick-up/delivery time for my vehicle?
The services offered by most reputed vehicle shipping companies are quite similar. For instance, the time taken to transport a vehicle from Florida to California will be about 7-10 days in case of a door-to-door direct service, irrespective of which vehicle shipping company you choose. This happens due to certain physical and legal limitations. However, some dubious companies may promise you the impossible, which is why you should be aware of the facts to avoid falling prey to such tall claims.
• How can I access your credentials?
A reputed and reliable vehicle shipping company will always make its credentials easily accessible to its customers. So, while searching for vehicle transportation, always inquire about the company’s credentials. You can also check sites like Transport Reviews and the Better Business Bureau to find out about a given company. You can also ask your prospective vehicle shipping company about these sites before taking a final decision.
• What are the terms of payment?
Since several dubious transport companies are there that may attempt to charge you without providing services, you should ask and understand the payment terms clearly. To begin with, never make any payment up front. Secondly, never allow your card to be charged by a company without your expressed consent. Thirdly, unless your chosen vehicle shipping company confirms a driver for you, do not pay anything. Lastly, never pay for everything in advance. You should also ask your vehicle shipping company how the entire payment procedure works and understand the clauses and conditions before finalizing the deal.
So, make an informed choice while selecting a vehicle shipping company by asking these key questions.

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