Understanding Importance Of Auto Transport Insurance


Though many people need auto transport services, most are not aware of the importance of auto transport insurance. Most reliable auto transport companies offer the necessary insurance to cover any damage caused to your vehicles while it’s being shipped. Though vehicles arrive at their destination without any damage in most of the cases, you should have adequate insurance coverage should any untoward incident happen during the move. However, since any type of insurance comes with several caveats, it’s better to keep a few points in mind before you talk about auto transport insurance with transport companies.
• Don’t be afraid to ask questions: The first step is to ask for the insurance certificate, which your shipping company is required to have by law. You should also ask about their policies, and know if your entire vehicle or only some parts are covered by the insurance. Asking whether it would be compulsory to pay a deductible, or if your vehicle would be enclosed for any damage are also important questions to ask.
• Don’t leave valuables or other things inside your vehicle: Since auto transport insurance will not cover any personal effects present inside your vehicle, make sure that you don’t leave any before your vehicle is being taken for shipping.
• Get everything in writing: Whether it’s any declaration or promise that your auto transport company makes, ensure to get it in writing. Remember that while claiming auto transport insurance, only written matter would hold good and no importance would be given to oral promises or deals.
• Check specifics of your auto transport insurance: Check your auto transport insurance specifics like whether your insurance coverage will remain the same while the vehicle is being shipped, whether you will need to give any further notification to the company etc.
• Be present during the pre-loading examination of your vehicle: The company agent or a transport truck driver will inspect your vehicle for already existing damages before loading it. You should be present during such an examination and may even take some photos of your vehicle, which can later act as proof should something happen.
• Note damages in your bill of lading: Once your vehicle is delivered, note damages, if any. In case you find some, note them in the bill of lading, get it signed by the driver, and then contact the auto shipping company for reimbursement.
In order to ensure that you set up your auto transport insurance in the right manner, make sure to adhere to these steps as mentioned above.

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